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Years of experience

Crafting excellence trough passion and expertise

NEW HAIL SWITCHGEARS LLC is a fast-growing turnkey solution provider in the UAE. Our mission is to deliver maximum satisfaction to the client through integration, adaptation, and an evergrowing skill set. Our invaluable experience focuses on continually delivering top-notch solutions and maximum satisfaction.

THE NEW HAIL SWITCHGEARS LLC with its excellent team of engineers having years of collective expertise in handling engineering solutions for the industries of power distribution, Industrial automation, and energy management to satisfy its loyal customers beyond their expectations. The company was coupled with an aggressive approach, dedication, and a vision for tremendous growth. Facing a highly competitive market, our approach includes adapting the highest levels of efficiency, innovation, and perseverance. Due to the ever changing nature and demands of the market and keeping in mind the trends, we provide a technical works such as LV panel building, maintenance, panel retrofit works, HVAC and various control panels and Power Quality Monitoring: And delivered in a way to achieve real business results along with cost effective solutions. We continually explore, create and adopt new innovations to keep our solutions ahead of the market.

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Compelling reasons to choose us as your partner

We at NEW HAIL SWITCHGEARS LLC believe that customer satisfaction comes only on the right decisions at the right time along with the right people. Therefore, we firmly rely on our in-house teams which excel in their departments and make sure that everyone works in favour of client’s satisfaction.

All the projects are streamlined to ensure efficient, desirable and the best results. This enables us to manage the production line to be at just-in-time (JIT) adhering to a high standard of quality finish with low cost to the client.

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Ensuring Excellence in Engineering and Production

NEW HAIL SWITCHGEARS LLC has qualified engineers, secretarial staff and experienced technicians.

With our personnel, having a dynamic approach to market changes and requirements, proven designs, high quality products, modern production methods and a complete quality system ensure that our products are durable and comply with highest international quality standard & local regulations.

Our designs reflecting the client requirements are based on international standards and regional parameters such as: Ambient temperature of S0oC (calibration of circuit breakers and derating of busbars)

  • Use of corrosion resistant materials
  • Adequate termination space for cable connections
  • Availability of components.

Innovative solutions for
superior electrical services

Main Distribution Board

Centralized control at your fingertips with our Main Distribution Board Solutions

Sub Main Distribution Board

Streamlined energy management with our Sub Main Distribution Board solutions

Consumer Distribution Board

Our Consumer Distribution Board ensures seamless electricity distribution

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